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What would it mean to have both a successful business and the lifestyle you deserve?


Dear Real Estate Entrepreneur,

What would living life on your own terms mean for you?

For some, it means being able to say goodbye to an unfulfilling day and it means the beginning of total financial security and making an impact – leaving a legacy!

And for others, it means freedom -- more time to spend doing the things they love, with the people they love, while their business builds long-term wealth.

I’ll share what living life on my own terms has meant to me in a moment, but first let me ask you a few questions?

Are you frustrated by the barriers to truly making an entrepreneurial life for yourself, often feeling like you can have “this” or “that” but not both?

Are you stuck on a plateau in the most important areas of your life like wealth generation, work/family balance, health and well-being, relationships, contribution and legacy?

Are you looking for that “magic formula” that will let YOU set the terms for your life instead of reacting to everyone else’s?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above then I want to invite you to apply for membership in the Wealth War Room, the only entrepreneurial mastermind specifically designed to use the power of relationships to thrive in a life you design for yourself and your loved ones. . .

And Let’s Get You Playing Life on YOUR Terms!

If you’re putting in the time and effort, but not seeing BIG results in your real estate business and your life, I’ll tell you why . . .

We’ve All Been Hoodwinked!

Since we were little kids, people have told us that we have to live in an “either-or” world.

It's not their fault, they were raised that way. They don’t know there is a BETTER way.

#1 -- You CAN design your own life and live it on your own terms

#2 -- You DON'T need to compromise and you CAN have it all

#3 -- You can have wealth, power, balance and peace of mind, at the same time!

The truth is. . .

The only limits to what you can have, what you can experience, what you can achieve and what you can create are the limits you put on yourself.

All you need to do is let go of the limits . . .

Get Empowered By Others in a “Have It All” Community.

And I’m the perfect person to build a community like that, because I’ve spent my life breaking through barriers and fighting (successfully!) to carve out a highly successful 7 & 8 figure businesses AND balanced life, without ever compromising! It is a fight out there and that's exactly why it's called Wealth War Room.

One experience that transformed my approach to life AND to business was the loss of several close relatives over a short time period, just as I was finishing college. All my life they’d say “when I retire, I’m going to do what I really want to do. . .or go where I really want to go. They spent their lives trying to get to some place where they could do what they loved, with the people they loved, whenever they wanted to . . . But they never got to that place and those dreams were never fulfilled.

I decided I would NOT live that way.

If I had blindly followed my relatives' view of life, I’d never have been able to create a fortune in real estate, raise four amazing kids who are all living lives of passion and balance, mentor thousands of successful entrepreneurs, built 7 & 8 Figure businesses, and contribute to the causes that matter most to me AND maintain my health, my connection to people and my sanity!

Instead, I went into the world with 3 beliefs that you’re NOT supposed to have:

#1 -- I believed there were no limits to what I could accomplish. So, I ask “how” not “if.”

#2 -- I believed that I could live life on the terms that I defined. “And” not “or.”

#3 -- I believed that business could be an expression of my soul and my authenticity.

By holding to those empowering beliefs and surrounding myself with others who shared them I’ve bought and sold over 2500 properties, creating true and lasting wealth. I am working on two assisted living projects, that when finished will be worth 9 figures and helping hundreds of families with a very real need. I’ve bought and sold single family, remote rehabbed 30+ properties per month, selling them to hedge funds and created a master planned community from the ground up.

I’ve also been through the battlefield of being sued, being blackmailed, having to sue to fight for my rights, creating complex tax planning, entity structures and business deals with highly skilled 7 & 8 Figure Businesses.

It’s like the poet Robert Frost wrote:

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference."

There is a REALLY well-worn path that you’re supposed to follow when you go out into the world.

But unfortunately that path doesn’t lead anywhere great for 99% of people, because everyone is on it. Everyone is out there following the same basic path -- start at the bottom, limit your dreams to what’s “realistic,” learn to compromise, put your dreams aside until “someday” and learn that life is hard and you usually can’t have what you want.

Now that’s fine if you aren’t up to much in life . . .

But is that all you want out of this precious life you have?

Heck no! If you did, you’d be content with the well-worn path and you wouldn’t be reading this.

Since you ARE reading this, I know you want more. You want the Road Less Traveled -- the one the people living the life of their dreams are on . . . Let The Wealth War Room show you the roadmap for success.

Now if that’s not enough, here’s my personal pledge to you

The Wealth War Room is about results, pure and simple. I’m so confident that you’ll get massive results from your participation that If you don’t receive at least 2 times the value back from the cost of your Wealth War Room membership, I’ll refund your money no questions asked.

Apply Today for Membership And Let the Power of Committed Relationships Help You Create & Live Life on YOUR Terms!

What could YOU accomplish?

What dream could YOU fulfill?

What future could YOU create?

Find Out By Applying to Join the Wealth War Room Today. You won't regret it.

To Your Success,

Immerse Yourself In A Powerful Entrepreneur Network

Designed specifically to use the power of committed relationships to create lives of balance, harmony and power!

Your Wealth War Room Membership gives you exclusive access to:

A Private Community of like-minded people who are each up to big things in life and want to support one another to reach and blow past their goals using the power of committed relationships, combined resources and knowledge share.

Access to me with 2 Live Group Calls a Month where we will collaborate to support your business and life goals, move past any barriers and celebrate breakthroughs.

3 in person Meetings each Year at exclusive locations where we will dive deeply into the issues we are grappling with, the deals and other opportunities we’re working on and benefit from knowledge, experience and connection sharing.

Access to my entire rolodex of business contacts -- the very people who have helped me close millions of dollars of business deals, structure my businesses and support me to succeed in every phase of life.

Access to my personal deal funding sources -- active investors who are looking for opportunities to partner for residential and commercial real estate deals and other business investments.

Access to the War Chest -- our intuitive learning center that’s filled with mission critical business information, documents, reports and training. You’ll have a virtual treasure trove of materials to support your business goals, find capital and structure deals.

Insider access to the Deals and Partnerships I’m doing right now, including opportunities to invest in our Deal Fund and opportunities to review your deals.


Join our selected group and have access high-level speakers and exclusive events each year, networking with like-minded people, access to the best investment opportunities and much more.

I'll show you how to... 

STOP Grinding & START Growing


  • Daily Grind
  • Exhausted
  • Chasing Deals
  • ​Can’t Scale
  • ​Feel Stuck
  • ​Lack of Accountability
  • ​Lack of Systems

OWNING A Business

  • Able to Look at Numbers
  • Allows you to focus on your unique ability
  • Letting systems and processes generate the right deals
  • ​Ability to grow
  • ​Not having to grind 16 hours a day
  • Can run your business on a few hours a week
  • ​Building towards the life you love / lifestyle you want

Our Founder: Lori Greymont

Lori Greymont is a CEO, Developer, Mentor, Author and Mother of 4. Lori has been in real estate for 30+ years, having bought and sold $150M in properties. She is the author of ‘The Influencer’s Impact’, and has been involved in real estate education for the past 30 years. Her passion is helping her students achieve their destiny and the life they deserve.

Lori remotely managed an average of 32 single family residential home rehabs per month/ She is currently working on the entitlement of 356 units of 55+ Independent Living/Assisted Living and Memory care in two locations in CA which will be worth 9-figures once finished. She has helped thousands of other real estate business leaders and influencers improve their businesses, adding to their bottom lines.

Here is what people are saying...

“I believe in investing for my education, which is why I started Lori’s mastermind. I’ve learned that how-to’s and getting connected are not the only keys to a successful life. Lori uses a whole-life approach to define a life vision and clarify the reasons for seeking financial freedom.”


Finding my first deal following her advice that turned out to be the Godzilla of deals, is the biggest testament to her mastermind and guidance. Having Lori in my network has given me insight into decades of her leadership and entrepreneurship in real estate business deals. Her data driven and methodical approach to finding deals and exit strategies are key to many successful and profitable ventures.

Having seen many ups and downs in economy and real estate in her vast experience, she can gauge the real estate market well - indicators to look for a downturn, when the houses sell the lowest, when to bring a house on market and when to hold. Her vast experience in reading market conditions was evident when she advised some investors last year


Integrity and Trust are both valuable commodities to me, I found both these qualities in Lori Greymont. Because of her loyalty and smart advice I've been able to buy three properties in less than two years and now have over $500,000 in equity in my investments. I did exactly what Lori told me to do to find and negotiate financing for my properties. Her knowledge, experience, and confidence was extremely valuable to me. Every conversation was a learning experience with Lori. I'm grateful beyond words to Lori for helping live a financially stress free retirement. Now I can focus on my traveling and time with my family. Heart felt thank you to Lori Greymont for her leadership.


“I just officially locked up my first real estate deal . . . ever! Luckily, I had a fantastic network on my side who was able to help me secure a 6-figure assignment fee on my first deal!!! I can truly say that if I did not have Lori's help, I would not have been able to accomplish what I had to do. Do yourself a favor and work with Lori. She will change your life.


Invest in yourself and not just your business self, but your whole self, so you can have life on your terms in every area of life!

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